Neurodiversity training for railway companies


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Looking for neurodiversity training for railway companies?

Railway companies will not find a better or more suitable neurodiversity trainer than Red in the Spectrum’s Janine Booth. Janine has a unique combination of hands-on experience in operational railway work and in neurodiversity, including twenty-six years in frontline work on London Underground stations.

Red in the Spectrum‘s training uses railway case studies; addresses the legal obligations of rail companies; considers working practices specific to the rail industry, eg. shiftwork, safety, operational procedures; covers working with neurodivergent passengers and colleagues, and those with neurodivergent dependents.

Passengers who are autistic, dyslexic, ADHD or otherwise neurologically atypical encounter many difficulties in travelling by rail – from the sensory enviornment to information formats, ticketing to service disruuption, and plenty in between. And the significant number of railway workers who are neurodivergent bring talent, commitment and innovative thinking to the job but often encounter obstacles at work that make it harder for them to contribute. Training your peope to understand minds of all kinds can enable your company to reduce or remove these barriers, providing a better service for your passengers and a more supportive and productive workplace for your staff.

Our neurodiversity training for railway companies is suitable for all types of railway companies: passenger operators, mainline or metro, freight operators, heritage railways (which can book at a discount price), light rail, engineering and maintenance companies, suppliers, contractors and more. If your organisation is involved in any way in running the railway, then this training is for you!

This CPD-accredited training can be run for the length of time that suits you: from a single day to three days – or even longer; or as a short workshop, either standalone or as part of a broader event. It can include: neurodivergent conditions; myths and realities; neurodiversity and work; neurodivergent passengers’ experiences and needs; the social model of disability; workers, carers and the law; reasonable adjustments; becoming neuro-inclusive; health and safety; and more if required.

Red in the Spectrum is the specialist provider of neurodiversity training for railway companies.

Usual price: £220 per hour or £1,095 per day.

Beyond Neurodiversity Awareness: Red in the Spectrum

Sessions included in the course can include:

  • six example neurodivergent conditions
  • who what does neurodiversity mean to us?
  • social model of disability
  • neurodivergent railworkers’ experiences: case studies
  • neurodiversity: the lingo
  • what makes an accessible workplace?
  • neurodiversity, work and the law
  • identifying reasonable adjustments
  • neurodiversity as a health and safety issue
  • colleagues who are carers
  • neurodiversity, caring responsibilities and the law
  • neurodivergent passengers’ experiences
  • making rail travel more neuro-inclusive
  • reflection and action planning

Other sessions can be included if you request them.

We will work with you to plan and deliver the training in the way that best suits your particular company and workplace.

If you provide the venue and the learners, Red in the Spectrum will provide a first class course for you, applying our expertise and experience in neurodiversity training for railway companies.

Everyone was motivated and enthusiastic

Janine tutored a two-day ‘introduction to neurodiversity’ course that I organised, held at London Bridge station.
Neurodiversity and its different effects and presentations is a hugely misunderstood area. On the railway, we meet people whose plans can be disrupted and routes changed with no notice. Neurodivergent people may struggle with these situations more and need railway workers to recognise and understand the additional support they may need.
Janine’s training was excellent. Everyone was motivated and enthusiastic about the course and the way she delivered it. They benefited hugely from the course that she wrote and delivered for us. She is an excellent tutor who works cooperatively with her students so they get the best out of the training. I would definitely recommend her training.
Janine is also a kind, friendly and welcoming person who uses those qualities to ensure everyone is comfortable and gets the most from her training.

Sue Gazzard
Lifelong Learning Steering Committee, Southeastern

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Our Values: we believe

  • that humanity is neurologically diverse and that this is beneficial
  • that minority neurotypes bring strengths as well as challenges
  • that your organisation will be stronger if it becomes more inclusive of neurodivergent people
  • in the social model of disability, understanding that society disables people who have impairments and/or differences
  • in the slogan ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ – that barriers can only be removed by listening to neurodivergent people rather than talking over us
  • in accessibility as standard, not ‘as required’
  • that neurodivergent people need more than ‘awareness’: we need equality, rights and acceptance.
  • that training is most effective when it is participatory and enjoyable
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