Red in the Spectrum: positive about neurodiversity

Red in the Spectrum’s mission is to make a more inclusive world by empowering organisations to remove barriers and reap the benefits of working with minds of all kinds.

Red in the Spectrum is run by neurodivergent people, and provides your organisation with training designed specifically for you. We can follow this up with speakers, materials, advice and entertainers to power your progress towards becoming neuro-inclusive.

We take a progressive approach, based on the social model of disability, the neurodiversity paradigm, and the principle of ‘nothing about us with us’.

 What we can do with and for you

  • train your people about neurodiversity – from short workshops to long courses, online or in person
  • provide speakers about neurodiversity, or any particular aspect of it – telling life experiences, good practice, success stories, ideas for change, and more
  • run a stall at your event with information about neurodiversity, staffed by neurodivergent people who can engage and discuss with attendees
  • mentor your people in developing their work on neurodiversity
  • advise and support you in making your organisation more inclusive of neurodivergent staff, members, volunteers and clients, identifying practical and positive changes that you can make
  • write and produce materials: briefing documents, leaflets, videos and more
  • arrange entertainment by neurodivergent performers

 Our values: we believe

  • that humanity is neurologically diverse and that this is beneficial
  • that minority neurotypes bring strengths as well as challenges
  • that your organisation will be stronger if it becomes more inclusive of neurodivergent people
  • in the social model of disability, understanding that society disables people who have impairments and/or differences
  • in the slogan ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ – that barriers can only be removed by listening to neurodivergent people rather than talking over us
  • in accessibility as standard, not ‘as required’
  • that neurodivergent people need more than ‘awareness’: we need equality, rights and acceptance.
  • that training is most effective when it is participatory and enjoyable.

All our speakers, trainers and performers are neurodivergent, and all share these beliefs.

Red in the spectrum letterhead

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